Every day, The Humanitarian Department of CBN and Operation Blessing carry out many operations to deliver aid to needy people all across the globe. These operations involve thousands of staff and volunteers who risk their lives and forgo their comfort just to put smiles on the faces of the helpless. And of course, a very important link in the chain of these missions is the CBN partners and members of the 700 Club, whose faithful contributions provide the needed resources and logistics.

CBN flagship programs like The 700 Club and 700 Club Nigeria have told the stories of beneficiaries of these missions over the years. However, little is known about the faithful men and women who participate as partners and providers of the help. To give the CBN audience inkling about what it takes to carry out medical Mission, Cleft Lip/Palate Surgeries, Disaster Relieve, etc., CBN Nigeria has designed a new program named YOU WERE THERE.

YOU WERE THERE follows staff of the Humanitarian Department into the field, through mountains and valleys, across the desert and raging rivers, on foot, bikes and trucks into remote communities and nearby slums. YOU WERE THERE talks to the volunteers and partners, digging into their motives and making plain that no sacrifice is too much for one to be the hands and voice of Jesus, soothing the pains of the needy and speaking a word of comfort to the broken-hearted. Ultimately, the program aims to encourage the spirit of love, care and compassion in the heart of the viewers.

YOU WERE THERE also provides the audience a unique view of the host communities – their environment, their lifestyle and their culture.

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