Aso Ebi

The word “ASO EBI” pronounced “ASHO EYBEE” is a very popular word in Nigeria. According to Wikipedia, “the word aso in Yoruba means cloth and ebi denotes family. [...]

Tribal Marks

I remember growing up to notice my mum’s visible “tribal marks” on her face and a drawing on her left hand which I admired. I didn’t know what it was, until she told me it was a palm [...]

Burdened by Grace

We know that Jesus Christ carried the Grace of God and a deep compassion for His people. We are sure it is possible for us to do the same today. Then Jesus said to all of them, “If anyone would [...]

Compassion and Eternity

The word ‘compassion’ denotes deep love, mercy, and tender affection. Looking at these words side-by-side right now, all I see is Jesus. Jesus was THE embodiment of compassion. In [...]