Superbook Weekend Event – Southpark Estate, Nairobi

In preparation for the Southpark estate event the superbook team sent invitation flyers to every house two weeks before the event. Southpark residents have a whatsapp group App for all of the residential area which made the follow up much easier.

The event took place in the afternoon with 20 children in attendance. It was one exciting event as gizmo took a short walk around the estate to the hall and announced his presence. Two children in attendance were of Islamic faith and to God’s glory they too enjoyed watching superbook and answered questions.

Superbook is a great choice and alternative for parents who are mindful of what their children watch as one parent discovered. Initially this particular parent had many reservations and opted to personally find out more details about Superbook and CBN in general. We explained to her the details and she agreed to send her kids and at the end of it all she loved the whole concept and is now interested in more.

The children were keen and captivated to the extent that some could narrate an entire episode. It was hilarious as one boy pointed out to his friend that “you are bossy like Chris.” This became an opportunity for us to emphasize on the virtue of humility and children came up with ideas of how they can live out this virtue by serving and helping at home, and also helping one another.

It is all about eternity, six children raised their hands for the salvation prayer, there is no doubt Superbook is planting seeds in the fertile ground which is children.

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