Orphan’s Promise

Orphan’s Promise is a special ministry of the Christian Broadcasting Network that was founded by Terry Meeuwsen after adopting three sisters from the Ukraine.

We are currently working in over 60 countries, providing help and hope to orphans and vulnerable children around the world.

Through partnerships with established local ministries, we provide food, shelter, Christian discipleship, education, life skills training, mentoring, medical help and micro-enterprise opportunities.


Living Hope

CBN SA has just become a proud partner of Living Hope, based in Cape Town.

Living Hope undertakes community development through educational, social, income generation and health related programmes; and plays a vital role in the prevention, care and treatment of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses.

We are excited to see how we can add consistent, sustainable value to this amazing organisation going forward.

Operation Smile – Zeke du Plessis

Operation Smile

CBN SA has partnered with Operation Smile the past 2 years to sponsor children that need cleft lip operations done.

Approximately one in every 1000 babies in Africa is born with a cleft lip or cleft palate. In as little as 45 minutes, one cleft lip surgery can change a child’s life forever.

Ten children have been given the chance of a normal life due to our support of the cleft lip operations.

“Thank you so much CBN Africa for helping me by building a new house after my 4 children and I helplessly watched the flames engulf all my hard earned money be reduced to ashes.


Thank you for providing my children with new uniforms so they can continue to go to school.


Our bedding, beds, clothing and food was restored (which was all destroyed to ashes).


Thank you Father for providing through this group of willing and faithful staff.”



Munsieville Food Project

There are currently 480 White Squatter camps in South Africa. More and more families find themselves in extreme poverty with negligible government support or infrastructure. Due to this, they have resorted to living in squatter camps as it being the only way of survival.

Munsieville is one of these camps, situated in Krugersdorp. The camp has around 400 people who live in adverse poverty with very little access to water or electricity. The only means of survival is monthly donations from volunteers. The budget for a small family is a mere R150 for 14 meals. CBN SA came to know about this project and made a food donation to the camp which will assist these extremely needy people with food. Further possible projects in Munsieville will include – skills training for adults, superbook viewings for the children, possible assistance with finishing a crèche for the pre-school children as well as assistance with vegetable gardens.


Prayer Line

We have just launched in South Africa with our first Prayer Coordinator coming on board and a dedicated WhatsApp service!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and thanksgiving, present your request to God.”
Philippians 4:6



Superbook began broadcasting in South Africa for the first time on eTV just a few months ago.

There are already thousands of fans around the country being impacted by God’s Word through the exciting adventures of Chris, Joy and, of course, Gizmo the quirky robot!

Our first 3 Superbook events are taking place in Cape Town before Christmas!



The Bible says: Commit all your ways to the Lord and He will establish your plans.(Proverbs 16:3). God gave us the mandate to share the Gospel through the airways and made our plans to see this vision fulfilled. As we prayed, He made it possible to air CBN’s programming to the Kenyan people!

Through the various broadcasts, many viewers have received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Others have experienced healing, breakthroughs and received answer to their prayers.

It is our desire to see many people touched by the love of God though what Jesus did at the cross – and share the message of salvation to Kenya and beyond it’s borders.

Superbook is sharing the Gospel with a new generation, reaching children with the stories of the Bible, laying a Biblical foundation in their lives. Thank you CBN Partners for helping us making this possible!


Life Child (Cape Town)

Life Child partners with 15 shack preschools to help provide a better education for this age group by implementing the Montessori curriculum. An emergency safetyhouse was bought and renovated during 2015. It is currently running efficiently with a Montesorri program and overnight emergency safety care. This project has approx 712 children in the program.

CWD (Cape Town)

Catholic Welfare Development has been in operation for over 45 years. They are involved in the community in terms of various initiatives of which one is creches. Their objective is to take backyard creches to the point of registration with the appropriate government authorities and create sustainable small businesses, particularly for women in the marginalised communities that CWD supports. 1 of the CWD crèches are supported with Approximately 50 children.

Injongo (Mfuleni, Cape Flats)

With a history as an abused child, Mavis started a day care centre to provide a safe haven for 150 children 3mnths to 6 yrs from 05:30-19:30. The crèche was started in 2008. She does sewing to support as she is not affiliated to an organization or church and depend solely on donations.

JITAM (Soweto)

JITAM ‘s 2 consists of 3 centres : Thembelihle, Waterworks (2 creche’s) which currently have 116 children. Dobsonville (self-sustainability and training program). Johannes’ focus is to developed Dobsonville to train parents and adult children from the families of children in the creche’s.

Ebenezer (Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga)

Ebenezer provide accommodation for 34 children living at the centre, with 18 disabled children and a total of 187 children benefitting from the project. The centre is also used as an emergency care for abandoned or abused children which is sent to Ebenezer from social workers. Ebenezer provide meals to children and elderly in the facinity.

SOS (Saints of Service) (Katlehong, Gauteng)

SOS is a childcare facility in Katlehong which has been operating since 2012 by a local pastor and his wife. They recently finished construction which will be a creche and church. They accommodate 120 children in the creche. Children are fed and cared for daily and ranges from 0-6years.

Crossroads (KZN)

Crossroads Edu-care Centers are places of caring and nurturing providing children from less fortunate areas two square meals a day, both summer and winter uniforms, medical attention as required, and a preschool education that follows the requirements of the Government Education guidelines. All FREE of costs to the child and/or parent. Additionally, these Edu Care Centers work to lay a solid Christian foundation for the character development of a child, equipping him/her with decision-making skills that ensure a healthy life-style free of HIV/AIDS, violence, discrimination and prejudice. 3 pre-schools with 75 children in the program.

Dayspring (Magaliesburg, Gauteng)

This is a boarding school during the week, though some kids stay over weekends. The focus group is Preschool to Grade 9. 80-90 Vulnerable/at risk homes in and around Magaliesburg, farms, and informal settlements (squatter camps) in the area. A great number of children come from homes where primary care giver is a witchdoctor or high priest/ess of a false church. Daysprings’ passion is to see their children & families come to know Jesus & walk in a life long relationship with Him.


Love Botswana (Botswana)

The Lackey Ministries’ vision is that of bringing sustainable transformation through the power of the Gospel through existing non-profits, churches and missions throughout the world. The organization in Botswana through which it accomplishes this vision is Love Botswana Outreach Mission Trust (LBOM) of which Lerato House is a project. which provide 24 hour/day care and supervision as well as age appropriate services and support. Case Management services coordinate healthcare, government services and planning/implementation of return to home or foster placement. Special Needs Children home-based services for children identified with an illness or disability or in need of special care due to family situation are supported by day care for up to age 3 to include clothing, food, healthcare services, psychosocial support, physical care (bathing and medication or rehab services) and other identified services. Home based caregiver training and promotion of early childhood care.


Zambia Tomorrow (Macha, Zambia)

MICS (Macha International Christian School) provides educational opportunity (tuition, nutrition, boarding and clothing) for 170 students.

Belt of Hope Children’s Ministry (Copperbelt, Zambia)
This project alleviate poverty by means of a community garden, hammer mill, bakery, chicken rearing/poultry ad block making machine. 250-500 children are beneficiaries of this ministry. A community centre with various facilities were sponsored by Orphan Promise in order to fulfil the need of many homeless children in the area.


Beautiful Dream (Maseru, Lesotho)

Beautiful Dream Society had been operating a shelter for victims of human trafficking in Maseru, Lesotho, for 2 and a half years, when BDS discovered that there were orphan children who were in dire need due to other orphanages in the country being closed by the government for improprieties thus causing over crowding in the qualified orphanages. They currently supports loving family homes where 11 vulnerable children are loved and cared for by 2 dedicated mothers with the support of a Director and Social Worker. Beautiful Dream Society desires to place our children in a facility owned by BDS as soon as possible, Currently the families are living in rented homes in a neighbourhood. Property for a childrens’ village has already been purchased and plans are developed for 18 houses on the village, which will house up to 144 children and 18 mothers. Each mother will have up to eight children whom she will raise. Construction to start 2017


Life Child Mozambique (Quelimane, Mozambique)

They are currently running a full primary school, which is from grade 1 through to grade 6, however they will be extending to grade 7 in 2016. It is envisaged that they will continue to grow annually becoming a full secondary school (grade 8 to grade 12) by 2021.
Recently OP contributed for them to buy land to extend the pre-school into a full primary school by 2024, by adding a class each year.
Through our schools currently we directly educate and care for 500 students, their families and community. Residentially the Okalawo children’s village will accommodate 8 children and a housemother; ultimately there will be 18 residences with a total of 144 children and 18 housemothers.


Life Child Malawi (Blantyre, Malawi)

We are running a pre-school in the Baluti area in Blantyre, Malawi. Pre-schools are neglected by the community and this project helps them to be school ready by giving them a free, quality education where they are stimulated intellectually and socially.
Each child receives a daily balanced meal to ensure that they are physically healthy and to improve concentration in the classroom.
.There are currently 60 children in this project.


Self Sustainability

LKI subsequently developed a program dubbed Letz Kick Unemployment (LKU) that focuses on empowering unemployed South African women with skills to produce products, in conjunction with education on basic financial management (in collaboration with a major South African banking institution) as well as critical health education related to Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS, the leading causes of mortality in South Africa. LKU trains teams of unemployed women to produce a trendy and current fashion item, namely a crocheted necklace made of wooden beads in different fashion colors. Team members are immediately paid by LKU. Women have the added benefit that they do not have to leave their households to go to work, thus saving on transport costs. They can work whilst caring for their households and especially their children, addressing another huge social problem in South Africa: children that are left unattended while parents are working. Training of teams goes hand in hand with Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS education, one of the leading causes of mortality in South Africa. LKU has also partnered with a leading South African Bank, namely Capitec Bank that provides basic financial management education at ground level to all team members enrolled with LKU.

Disaster Management


After the devastating floods in Malawi during 2015, CBN’s disaster management sponsored the rebuilt of 10 new homes for people residing in the Supuni village in Malawi.

Cape Town

Cape Town is known as a fire prone area and CBN regularly assist and support various organisations in the affected areas.

Life Changing Surgeries

CBN Life Changing Surgeries donated toward cleft lip operations that was done by Organization Smile.

Other projects

We regularly support smaller once off projects within the already existing projects – eg establishing a self sustainable enterprise etc.

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