“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and thanksgiving, present your request to God.”
Philippians 4:6

‘M’ was watching the 700 Club and prayed about her painful varicose veins on her legs. She carried on watching the show and then started checking her legs and realised that her legs had gone smooth and the varicose veins had all gone.

‘N’ rang to ask for prayer for her relationship with her daughter to be restored. They had not spoken to each other for 17 years.  After prayer, her daughter contacted her and invited her to visit her – even paying for her ticket!

‘V’ rang to say she had a severe pain in her back and kidneys. She was watching the 700 Club. The hosts prayed for someone with a pain in their kidneys and as they did, her pain went!

A lady called back to say she was healed of a throat condition that she had suffered with for over 2yrs after being prayed with on the Prayerline.

‘R’ had been calling the Prayerline for prayer for good test results regarding prostate cancer. He said that over the last few appointments tests have showed a decline in the cancer chemicals and he has now been discharged from the consultant as there is no longer any sign of prostate problems.

Heart of CBN’s Ministry

Our mission is to prepare the nations for the second coming of Jesus Christ. CBN’s prayer centers on the African continent are manned by dedicated people who are filled with the Holy Spirit and equipped to interact with those who need prayer and Biblical advice.

What We Do

CBN’s prayer center phone lines provide prayer as well as biblical guidance and resources to callers in their own language. We also provide ministry through email, text messaging, and live Web chats.

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