“Jesus Christ, has changed my life…”

“Jesus Christ, has changed my life…”

Worldwide, you are many brothers and sisters to have testified of the program’s impact in your lives. Jesus Christ takes possession of lives, changes and transforms them.

I’m brother Bob and I’m from the Republic of Chad but was born and raised in France. I was taken away from my family who returned to our home country ; at a very tender age; when I was only 16 years old. I lived in a host family for a long time.

Without a proper follow-up, I gave my self to alcohol, drugs, sex when I just turned 18.

For me, all this seemed normal.I didn’t give much importance to my studies and when I failed, I found an opportunity to dive even more into my life of debauchery.

Crédit photo : Audreysteenhaut via Pixabay – Illustration

My father’s death at that time, was an opportunity to return Home.I was completely disoriented, and I didn’t have a great support. I cried because I had spent almost nine years without having seen my father.I was devastated.

So I met Christ at that time through your program, The Club 700. The testimony touched me so much that I cried. I really needed this Jesus, this God to help me change and become a better person.He was called “Father to the orphans” in the show and at that time, I prayed Him to become mine too. I called a counsellor and we talked over the phone.I was deeply touched and felt the need to seek Christ a bit more.

Today I am a responsible man.Christ took possession of my life and my whole life is transformed. May the name of the Lord be blessed. Thank you for the powerful broadcast.

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