CBN Partners are sharing the Gospel in a practical way, through our humanitarian projects around the world.



Fresh Water


Hunger Relief


Medical Care


Disaster Relief


Orphan Care


Trafficking Relief

The CBN Africa humanitarian ministry includes disaster relief, medical missions, micro-business initiatives, fresh water projects and food programs. CBN’s Orphan’s Promise provides practical care, education, and spiritual guidance to orphans and vulnerable children.

Here are some of the latest projects CBN is involved with on the African continent:



Banques De Cereales Au Niger

« Une providence pour les paysans »

De nombreuses années après la « famine » largement médiatisée de 2005, le Niger reste toutefois confronté à des crises alimentaires qui menacent de nombreuses personnes, totalement dépendantes de leurs cultures. Les chiffres, eux, sont toujours aussi désespérants : plusieurs millions de personnes menacées ainsi que des taux de malnutrition infantiles catastrophiques. Alors quand les populations se retrouvent à utiliser la part de leurs récoltes mise de coté pour les prochaines semences, le pire est à craindre. Près de quatre ans déjà que CBN avec son programme opération Blessing vient en aide à ces populations avec des banques de céréales, un peu partout dans le pays.


Opération De Bec-De-Lièvre À Thies

« Ma prière est que tous ces enfants n’aient pas à subir la peine que cause une vie sans sourire… »

« Les regards importent peu lorsque nous sommes entourés d’amour »…Ces mots, prononcés d’une voix sûre et claire, sont ceux d’Aicha, jeune sénégalaise et bénéficiaire du programme d’opération de « Becs-de-lièvres » financé par CBN Afrique. Le sourire aux lèvres et le verbe facile, c’est une demoiselle pleine d’enthousiasme et de vie qui nous a raconté l’histoire de sa vie.



Living Water Wells

CBN Africa digs bore-wells and equips them with hand pumps in various rural communities of Nigeria. Most of these wells are located in semi-arid and arid communities of northern Nigeria, areas where this precious gift of life is scarce.

The communities, which benefit from the CBN Living Water Wells usually, have little or no access to potable water before CBN Africa provides these wells.

So far, CBN Africa has dug about 1000 of these bore wells in various rural communities of Nigeria, irrespective of ethnic, religious or political considerations.


Cleft – Lip/Palate Corrective Surgery

In addition to monthly medical missions, CBN Africa sponsors corrective surgery for underprivileged children born with cleft-lip/palate deformities.

To date, about thirty (150) children born with cleft-lip have had their deformities corrected, courtesy of OB and CBN partners.



Superbook Events

SuperBook is partnering with orphans promise in joint events and this has enabled us to reach more children than we otherwise would alone.

Since the activation of SuperBook activities in February 2016 some milestones have been achieved through creating awareness of the contents mainly by personal visits to schools, children homes, churches and also by means of social media.

The events continue to be an inspiration, the response from the children has helped us realize the huge gap there is for SuperBook to fill and do follow up on the children. There is great awareness of the SuperBook episodes and demand for events especially in schools, churches and VBS.



God’s word says that we commit to Him whatever we do and He will establish our plans. Our plan was to minister to His people through broadcast channels. We committed to Him and allowed Him to take preeminence, and He did!



Orphan’s Promise

Orphan’s Promise is a special ministry of the Christian Broadcasting Network that was founded by Terry Meeuwsen after adopting three sisters from the Ukraine.

We are currently working in over 60 countries, providing help and hope to orphans and vulnerable children around the world.

Through partnerships with established local ministries, we provide food, shelter, Christian discipleship, education, life skills training, mentoring, medical help and micro-enterprise opportunities.

Operation Smile – Zeke du Plessis

Operation Smile

CBN SA has partnered with Operation Smile the past 2 years to sponsor children that need cleft lip operations done.

Approximately one in every 1000 babies in Africa is born with a cleft lip or cleft palate. In as little as 45 minutes, one cleft lip surgery can change a child’s life forever.

Ten children have been given the chance of a normal life due to our support of the cleft lip operations.

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