Encouraging progress in CBN Africa!

Between July and September 2016:

  • CBN added 2 new stations in Nigeria, bringing the total number of partner stations to 100 in Nigeria, 5 in Ghana, 2 in Liberia, 2 in Sierra Leone, and 1 in The Gambia.
  • CBN Anglophone West Africa through its Video Outreach Centers exposed 43,855 people to the gospel in 146 outreaches with about 5,009 people praying to accept Christ into their lives.
  • CBN Prayer Center counseled a combined number of 17,953 people through calls, Emails, and SMS in Nigeria and Ghana. 676 people prayed the sinner’s prayer for the first time.
  • CBN sank 67 Bore Wells in Nigeria and Ghana with a combined beneficiary population of about 43,745. During the commissioning of these wells, 816 people made decisions for Christ for the first time.
  • CBN, with a grant of about $4,000 from the Australian High Commission (Australian Aid) was able to procure an Optical Microscope for removing of cataract. CBN also set up an empowerment Center in the North Eastern region of Nigeria. The center would provide training for missionaries’ wives enabling them to work in vulnerable areas in the northeast. The center would be graduating about 25 women every year.

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