Awat Engor’s Story

Awat is a thirteen years old girl in grade 3 in Missions of Hope Centre – Napuu.

At the time of her recruitment to school, Awat was living with both of her parents. Unfortunately, the father was jailed for being involved in a theft case. Her mother is a habitual drunkard who is very irresponsible. All these issues affected the girl’s school attendance in a big way.

The relatives to the girl took advantage of her predicament and started planning to marry her off at an early age in exchange for material wealth. It took the intervention of the social worker and the local administration to save Awat from this planned early marriage.

The local chief took the girl to her home and now lives with her. The social worker put Awat under an intensive guidance and counselling program where she has been meeting with her on a daily basis. This has borne fruits in the long run.

Awat’s performance has taken a positive turn. In the last exam that Awat took, she emerged position 5 out of forty children in her class. She no longer misses school and through the intensive guidance and counselling her hope for a bright future has been restored.

Thank God for MOHI for its commitment in ensuring Awat’s holistic development.

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