Aso Ebi

The word “ASO EBI” pronounced “ASHO EYBEE” is a very popular word in Nigeria. According to Wikipedia, “the word aso in Yoruba means cloth and ebi denotes family. [...]

Tribal Marks

I remember growing up to notice my mum’s visible “tribal marks” on her face and a drawing on her left hand which I admired. I didn’t know what it was, until she told me it was a palm [...]

What do you see?

You stand before a mirror every day, don’t you? When you look in, what do you see? Do you see an amazing person or a disappointment? Flaws or strengths? Brokenness or wholeness? Many times, we [...]

The Easter Formula

We’re so happy to be sharing the Easter Formula with you on this special day. We pray that this won’t just be another blog post to you. We pray that it would truly transform the way you see [...]