Welcome to The 700 Club, Partner!

We are very excited about your decision to partner with us. The 700 Club is a team of everyday men and women like you who have decided to ensure that the kingdom of God is established in Nigeria, and all over English-speaking West Africa.

We are an army of Spirit-led people, passionate about being God’s own hands and feet in our region, and we all have one thing in common “a willing heart.”

As a team, we believe that ALL it takes to be a member of the 700 Club is a willing heart to serve, and be used by God, so we have ALL made a decision to contribute our own little quota to ensure that the work of God in our region does not suffer.

We see ourselves as partners working together for God, and we understand that it doesn’t really matter who sows or who waters because it is God who makes the seed to grow.

We all give financially. Some of us go further by volunteering to help out on the field, some others volunteer as telephone counselors, and yet others pray daily that our labor yields profits.

It’s a great responsibility, and we are very happy that you have come to join us! Click here to fill out our online registration form, and start making a difference today.

You can also call any of these numbers right now to register for membership.

08141994997 OR 08102744535


Ilemona joined the 700 Club after losing his job during a Corporate downsizing, along with about 2000 other staff also laid off by the Bank. With the little savings he had, he invested in a few unsuccessful ventures, which eventually wiped out all he had.

Broke and despondent, he turned to God for help. “By the time my finances were all wiped out, I became dependent on my little sister to help with daily living. It was during this period that I began to seek God more deeply”, he said.

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Though Ilemona was a Christian, he did not have a personal relationship with God until his world collapsed around him. As he started praying and getting more committed to the Word of God, the Holy Spirit helped him discover his calling and, “…that was how I was led to partner with the 700 Club and became a bronze partner.”

Ilemona made a commitment to give a percentage of his income to the 700 Club (after deducting his tithe) and said he was able to do this joyfully because he knew the 700 Club “used the money directly for what it was needed for; helping the poor and bringing back lost souls to the kingdom.”

Despite the difficulties he faced, Ilemona kept up his commitment as a bronze member for 18 months, all the time attending a series of job interviews with no success. His breakthrough however came when he was invited for an interview with an oil company. After going through 5 stages of interviews, he was given a job that many young graduates can only dream about!

But what interested him most was his salary. “…When I was given my appointment letter, I realized that my monthly income at my old job was equivalent to the tithe (10%) of my current salary! For the 18 months I worked there, I partnered with the 700 Club as a bronze partner.”

Ilemona has been so overwhelmed by God’s goodness in his life; he has upgraded his status with the 700 Club, and has now become a Diamond partner.

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Ms. Onene

Ms. Onene has been a partner of The 700 Club for close to a decade. A dedicated public servant in the beautiful garden city of Port-Harcourt, Rivers state, Onene has always had a passion to reach out to the less fortunate in society.

“I strongly share in the covenant God had with Abraham, that He will bless him and he will be a blessing (to others). I see the expression of God’s blessing as a mandate that I too be a blessing to others”, she says.

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Though she had the desire, Onene did not have the capacity to reach out to a hurting world on her own. Partnering with The 700 Club seemed the most sensible thing to do as she says she wanted to work “with a reputable institution that is fully committed to my area of interest”.

Onene says she has a confidence and assurance of God’s continued protection and provision as He uses her to channel His blessings to others, through The 700 Club.

“Truly, God has been lifting me from grace to even greater grace”, she says, attributing this to her partnership with The 700 Club.

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Adaobi is a professional banker who grew up in the serene environs of Kaduna State. She attributes her hunger and love for God to CBN programs she used to watch while growing up.

“As a child growing up in Kaduna, I loved watching CBN programs (The 700 Club, CBN News, and the series ‘Another Life’) on the television. These programs contributed to a hunger for God, (making me want) to please him in all that I do.”

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She became a partner in 2004 because she believes that the Gospel of the Lord Jesus will reach more people, increasingly changing their lives. “I find fulfillment knowing that God is truly using The 700 Club to spread His love to people all around the world.”

Happily married with three delightful children, Adaobi says she trusts that God will continue to preserve her family and provide for their needs. Despite the recent turbulence in the banking sector that has led to severe job losses, she continues to thrive with a healthy and prosperous family.

She says, “…we remain committed to supporting His work and I encourage everyone out there to give to The 700 Club and trust God to remain faithful to His Word of blessing.”

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